Past Projects


‘House of Memories’

Provided a Highland voice-over for a digital app for people with dementia.

‘Epic Stage Story’ – The Touring Network

Researching the history of touring live performances in the Highlands & Islands from the 70’s.

Methods: Gathering oral historical accounts from Promoters, Performers and Audience across the Highlands.  Photographing personal poster archives and running memory sharing events. Researching for film; working alongside filmmakers, organising trips out to film/interview contributors and sharing research findings with them.

Outputs: Leaflet, travelling exhibition, film and development of an online archive.


Wasps ‘Inverness Creative Academy’

Researching the Midmills Building built in the 19th Century for the Inverness Royal Academy (1895-1970’s).

Methods: Archival research, gathering oral histories from past pupils and teachers, collecting published works.

Outputs: Report and editing the oral history accounts/photos taken.


Inverness Museum & Art Gallery 

Researching for a museum loan box and making box relating to the Jacobite collection held at the museum.

Methods: researching the museums collection of silverware, personal items, jewellery and weapons from the 18th Century, publications and internet research, designing and sending an online questionnaire to local teachers (to gather data on their preferences for education materials).

Output: A report with ideas for classroom activities (in line with the curriculum for excellence) and quotes for replicas.


‘Coming Home WW1: Impact, memories, lasting legacies’ Highlife Highland

Researching the impact of WW1 on the Highlands & Islands

Methods: Archival research, museum research, web-based research to gather information on built heritage, collating photos, oral histories, gathering personal stories, liaising with local history groups.

Outputs: Blog posts, interpretation for 8 panels within a travelling exhibition, contributing and designing part of the learning materials, giving presentations to the steering group and at exhibition openings, talking at a seminar.